Working Group Meeting #1


The five Working Groups are where the solutions to problems are found and initiatives to transform the neighborhood are offered for consideration. The Working Groups function as subcommittees of the Steering Committee.

  1. Education & Workforce
  2. Transportation & Economic Development
  3. Health, Family & Youth
  4. Safety
  5. Housing & Neighborhood Improvements

Meeting #1

On September 12, 2018 the working groups were convened for their first meeting of the Downtown/East Side Choice Neighborhood Planning Process.

After a short presentation by Bill James from Camiros, each of the working groups convened with the goal of beginning to frame the “why” of their respective issue. By “why”, we mean “Why will the people we are trying to attract be persuaded by the improvements we propose?” and the answer to this question will lead us to the how and what we will ultimately do for the plan.

More information about the results of each working group can be found in the working groups folder to the left.

A link to Bill’s presentation can be found HERE