Steering Committee Meeting #1

Steering Committee Overview

The Steering Committee consists of community residents, local business representatives, service providers, key partners, educational leaders and public officials who are all stakeholders in the improvement of the Downtown and East Side neighborhood.

The role of a Steering Committee member is to:

  • Identify resources or provide information regarding conditions within the neighborhood;
  • Assist in promoting larger Community Meetings to a broad range of community members;
  • Provide information about agencies, businesses or other entities that could assist in community improvement;
  • Reflect concerns brought to community meetings and otherwise by local and citywide residents and businesses; and
  • Generate and vet ideas for projects in order to make recommendations on the strategies and projects that merit consideration for inclusion in the Choice Neighborhood Plan.
  • Provide review and input on project strategies and improvement proposals to help endure the Plan is on-target in addressing community needs.

Steering Committee Meeting #1

The Steering Committee first met on July 31st, 2018 to lay the groundwork for a successful planning process. Camiros presented a background on Choice Neighborhoods, explained what we have learned so far, and described the intent of the plan.

A Link to the full  presentation can be found HERE