An integral part of the Choice Planning Process is the working group. The Working Groups function as subcommittees of the Steering Committee.

The five Working Groups are where the solutions to problems are found and initiatives to transform the neighborhood generated and considered.

Meeting #1 – Sept, 12th 2018

Following a presentation by Bill James of Camiros, the Safety working group met and began to frame the “why” portion of the problem solving dynamic by identifying 4 key elements of the positive experience we need to create in order to transform the area into a neighborhood of choice. Camiros created a strategy guide that the group used to create their response.

The group came up with:

  • Want to be able to communicate/demonstrate that the neighborhood is safe; people are comfortable living in the neighborhood
  • Want to demonstrate safety through an attractive environment (better lighting, landscaping, traffic calming, snow/ice removal)
  • Neighborhood watch programs demonstrate that the neighborhood works together; knowing the police; police have “our back”
  • More visible police presence to keep problems out.

Working group members are encouraged to comment with their thoughts below:

The full presentation can be found here: HERE

The strategy guide used by the working group can be found HERE

The completed working group document can be found HERE


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