Community Visioning Session

On February 14th, 2019 the Chicago Heights Downtown/East Side Choice Neighborhood Planning team hosted a Community Visioning Workshop  at Lincoln-Gavin Elementary. Residents of the Chicago Heights Downtown/East Side Choice Neighborhood provided input on the future of their neighborhood.
To begin the meeting, residents were given question cards that asked them what their ideal neighborhood would include in three words and allowed them to provide additional comments. Residents were also given stickers to identify preferred residential and commercial building types. After a short presentation from Bill James of Camiros, Tim Kollar of The Housing Authority of Cook County facilitated a Family Feud style game explaining the results of the recent Resident Needs Assessment Survey. Residents then broke into groups to “plan” their community by completing a sticker activity in which they identified their preferred locations for a variety of potential housing types and retail development on a map of the Downtown/East Side Choice Neighborhood.

View photos of the meeting below.

To download a full summary of the meeting click HERE