Working Group Meeting Results – Sept. 12th, 2018

On September 12th, 2018 the first meeting of the Working Groups took place at Golden Towers Senior Living Community in Chicago Heights.

An integral part of the Choice Planning Process is the working group. The Working Groups function as subcommittees of the Steering Committee.

The five Working Groups are where the solutions to problems are found and initiatives to transform the neighborhood are generated and considered.

5 Puzzle Piece Graphic_Outline_Text

Following a presentation by Bill James of Camiros, each working group met and came up with 3-4 key elements that will be important in creating the positive experience needed to transform the Downtown/East Side area into a neighborhood of choice.

There is an individual web page  for each of the 5 groups, they can be found under the working group drop-down menu to the left, or by clicking the links below:

The full presentation can be found here: HERE

All the working group responses can be found HERE